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Giraffes Are Creators, Giraffes Are Fun
Giraffes are Community

My motto since 2014

After a very challenging year in 2013 and the loss of my husband to GBM Brain Cancer in 2014, this quote became my reason to wake up in the morning. If I wasn't doing something fun, I stayed in bed. I spent a lot of time in bed back then.

As I create my own new reality, using my life skills and experience, bridging my own way into this new Web3 metaverse with my geekiness, I want you to play too.It's like a new language and I share a few experiences here with you.

I've acquired a Herd Mentality, working with a team of creatives from around the globe. If you'd like to join the community, reach out and I'll help you to find and purchase your own forever Giraffe.

Over the years, that motto has served me well. It has led me to some fun and amazing projects as well as people. I'm grateful for those that show up in my life.

If you know me, you know I love show and share, that's what this site is about. I'll share my current projects and give you a reference point for learning more at your own pace should you choose.

I'm having a blast just Digital Dabbling, using tools to create easy Merch ideas with my own NFT's, sharing ideas with my NFT community, how they can do the same. Click on More for More...

You can usually find me as @Hippiedewday on Twitter, IG and TikTok. The FB link will take you to my Laptop Lyfe page. I share to keep me accountable and to keep you informed and up to date with current projects. Showing and sharing how you can create easy Merch items with your NFT's.

What's this Screen Strategy Thing About?

I'm an affiliate with a company offering a New Digital Marketing Product for Business's Launching in 2022. This is my current #1 Project!

This is 100% FREE for the business owner to Get Started. Monthly earnings and rewards per screen are available. Reach out and I'll share the details.

Provide Entertainment, Edutainment, Information, Music for your lobbies, dining areas, employee break rooms. Just plug & play, easily create your own customized playlists and ads.

You provide the TV or the screen. Create your own Custom Digital Ads designed to increase your revenue reaching your audience with visually pleasing high quality ads.Free Players for all Business Owners. No Monthly Fees!

Get your own FREE Affiliate account, complete the compliance training and you'll be in the loop.

If you're a business owner and would like your own FREE player, book an appointment and I'll help you get started.


In 2018 I became a Travel Agent. I thought that sounded fun and it is! I was travelling to conferences and trade shows anyway, why not add another revenue stream.It was going pretty well there until March 2020, I had just gotten home from a cruise out of Palm Beach FL, we were planning a group cruise and all hell was breaking loose.

It's not quite as "FUN" to travel as it once was but I'll continue on, it provides enough value for me and when I do travel, I can make reservations for 20 of us at a time. I love Parties!

If you're interested in learning how you can save money and/or make money on your own travel, hit me up, I have a few options.

We will still hold small in person events as we blend our IRL and OnLine Communities together, turning strangers into friends.

I Work For Giraffes

Watch This Space For Upcoming Announcements.Custom Merch work available by appointment

What's Your Screen Strategy?

Do You Know Anyone With a Bar, a Restaurant, Lobby, any business with a Screen to Share. Learn how this opportunity can benefit you both!

Part 1, a quick 5 minute video I created to help my business owner clients.

Part 2

Check out the visual! You're clientele will love it!

Create Your Own Ads!

For those craving to know more...Team Update August 2022 from the company YouTube Channel

Updated August 2022 with Team Training on the new TV Beta Product

After Conference Update 9/1/22

Let's Talk Soon!

Have you heard of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Video players? Maybe you've seen their streaming content last time you had dinner, at the spa, or maybe in the waiting room of your Doctor or Auto Repair shop?We have the opportunity of a lifetime right NOW with our new BETA Partnership, this is available to all affiliates within our Global Network who complete and pass compliance training.Generating Ad Revenue for you and your clients with your Business TV - Zero Upfront Cost - Leverage Your Marketing - Marketing that Pays You BackPlease reach out to me today if you'd like more information.Who do you know that has Streaming Screens in their business? Do they have a Screen Strategy?

Update 09/2/2022: I am ready to enroll new businesses into this iHub Meta Program. Click the link below and let's get order your 1st unit today. You must be a business that is open to the public in order to qualify.

Life isn't in the Destination, Life is In The Journey

I have several travel opportunities available to share adding value to your personal savings as well as an additional revenue stream for those wanting more.

I acheived my bucket list trip to Cuba in 2018 before the world shut down.If you love to travel and want to have more control over your destinations and your finances I would highly recommend you take a look at owning your own travel business, there's a couple of different options there too.

I can share some killer places in Jamaica. One of these days I'm going to make it back. If you just want to save a little bit of money on what you're already doing we've got you covered there too.